[UPDATED] - 06/28/10 --> ART SECTION UP! NEW! NEW!

If you're looking for Rebirth-Flame Graphics, then look no further. Proceed to the Art and Web sections, where the bulk of my graphic design work lies. Otherwise, feel free to peek in the other areas. They are primarily personal, but don't let that stop you.

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All of my current artwork, both personal and commercial. Well, the best bits anyway. Please heed the warnings.
- Thank you.

The old library is now Divine Inspiration, a collab site between myself and the mysterious co-owner of this site. Will contain my fanfic as well. And whatever else we come up with.

All of my sitework to date, mostly previous incarnations of the now-defunct Intellectually UNstable, but including some school and personal work, too.

Note: Some sections require a certain plugin or Active X script to view. Loading these sections should prompt the download.

Songs I've made in MTV Music Generator. EVPs. Personal sound bytes. Loops for ringtones. It's really a flavor-of-the-month sort of thing.

Sites of interest. However I must warn, to each his own. All sites have their own disclaimers--which are not necessarily listed in the descriptions.
(Not everything is work/kid safe.)

My Facebook profile. Not much to see if I don't 'friend' you, but a nice place to start if you'd like to know a little about me.

My LiveJournal. Most of my writing will be posted here, unless it is something proprietary. Also contains baseless ranting. Read at your own risk.

The many ways to contact me: including e-mail, phone, post, and AIM. Also contains the Commission Form, for those of you seeking graphic-art work.

Site credits. Including fonts, brushes, and otherwise giving props where props is due.

Self-Explanatory. Click 'sign' to make an entry. Click 'view' to view an entry. Clicking the above will open the 'view' portion as well.